'Ghosts' focused on young women within western Muslim communities who have had their rights belittled as a result of their choice in faith. Using a strongly scripted monologue spoken from a true Londoner, we created a strikingly powerful short film that gave the hero character a vehicle to voice her strength and resilience to the ever-growing stigma.

With so many radicalisation propaganda targeting young gamers, this poster plays on the controllers D-pad as a mass grave.

'Dinner Table' focused on the mother of a son who had fled to the Middle East to fight. By showing her emotional fragility as a result of her son leaving, we believed it could play a part in the decision process of any son/daughter contemplating the decision to participate.

Poster depicting a toilet seat as the barrel of a gun since most foreign fighters are made to clean.

We Are Tomorrow beckons a multilingual movement against extremism. We directed five youthful films told in a variety of languages from young Muslim adults. With an urban tone similar to that of 'Stomp' we were able to encapsulate and amplify the voice of the youth.

The FATE Playbook was a manual for countries to counter radicalisation in their local youth.